Weatherboard cottages and a much-restored church on the road east of Battle where some residents are prepared to take major steps to maintain the serenity of the place. Villagers went to the courts in 1984 to try and stop motorcycle scramble racing in the village.

Noise levels were measured and the Grass Enduro Scramble Trial (Off Road) Motorcyle Club peaked at 72 decibels during one of their Sunday meetings in Whatlington (120 decibels is the pain threshold to the human ear). The noise was described as ‘appalling’ by the complainants, but a petition signed by other residents saying they did not object to the races was produced and magistrates upheld an appeal against a ban on racing on condition there were only two meetings a year, between 10 am and 4 pm.

The mind boggles as to what a one-time Lord of the Manor of Whatlington would have made of all this. He was no less a figure than King Harold who held the manor until 1066 and in later years it was owned by the Pelhams and Ashburnhams. John De Watlyngton was made Abbot of Battle in 1307.

There are two mysteriously named woods within half a mile of each other in this parish. But why one is called Maddomswood and the other Maddoms Wood, no one knows.